Process Systems

Process SystemsIn any industrial plant, producing a finished product requires multiple processes. Valley Industrial Piping, Inc. has the knowledge of process systems equipment, instrumentation, and control systems, essential for optimum process definition and design. We recognize that attention to detail and a sound understanding of the project objectives result in a successful project and ultimately an efficient operation.

Over the past few years, Valley Industrial Piping, Inc. has been the general or subcontractor (lead or on the team) for the following projects:

  • Hershey – Sanitary Process Systems for Confections Industry
  • Merck & Company – High Purity Process System for Pharmaceutical
  • WhiteWave Foods – Sanitary Process Systems for Dairy
  • Merck Dhome Sharpe – High Purity Process System for Pharmaceuticals
  • Ariake, USA – Sanitary Process Systems for Food Industry
  • Bowman Andros Products- Sanitary Process Systems

Valley Industrial Piping, Inc. provides process design that effectively and efficiently improves a facility’s production.

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